Google Panda Gets Pickier and More Sensitive | Google Penalty World |

From the article intro: "I wasn’t expecting this to come until early March, since the month isn’t even over yet, but Google has gone ahead and released its monthly list of updates: 40 changes for February.

While we’ll take a deeper look into the list soon, it’s worth noting right off the bat that there is a Panda update listed.

Late last week, in light of Panda’s one-year anniverary, I asked Google if the Panda adjustment from January’s list had been the most recent adjustment to Panda.

The response I received from a spokesperson was:

We improved how Panda interacts with our indexing and ranking systems, making it more integrated into our pipelines.

We also released a minor update to refresh the data for Panda.”

This was basically what the company said in January. Now, in today’s list for February, Google says:

“This launch refreshes data in the Panda system, making it more accurate and more sensitive to recent changes on the web.”

So between January’s and February’s Panda news, it sounds like Panda is more ingrained into how Google indexes the web than ever before, and may even be pickier about quality."

Here’s the full list in Google’s words: