Real-Time Google Panda Coming? | Google Penalty World |

From the article: "We've asked when will Google roll the Panda algorithm more seamlessly into their algorithms - where Google does not have to manually press a button to run the Panda algorithm, but rather where it runs all by itself (I am pretty sure I am oversimplifying it).

Google made an announcement late Friday afternoon with 17 search quality updates. 

"High-quality sites algorithm improvements. [launch codenames "PPtl" and "Stitch", project codename "Panda"] In 2011, we launched the Panda algorithm change, targeted at finding more high-quality sites.

We improved how Panda interacts with our indexing and ranking systems, making it more integrated into our pipelines. We also released a minor update to refresh the data for Panda."


It seems like this means Google has made Panda a bit more integrated into the mainstream algorithm, allowing it to possibly run more frequently and who knows, maybe more real-time?

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