From WebProNews: "This week, Google posted a new Webmaster Help video featuring Matt Cutts talking about a potential duplicate content issue. This time, he even broke out the whiteboard to illustrate his points.

Specifically, Cutts addressed the user-submitted question:

"Many sites have a press release section, or a news section that re-posts relevant articles. Since it’s all duplicate content, would they be better off removing these sections even with plenty of other unique content?

The answer is probably yes, but let me give you a little bit of color about the reasoning for that,” Cutts says in the video.

“So a lot of the times at Google, we’re thinking about a continuum of content, and the quality of that content, and what defines the value add for a user.

So let’s draw a little bit of an axis here and think a little bit about what’s the difference between high quality guys versus low quality guys..."

Get the full Matt Cutts' answer fully transcripted here: