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How To Recover from Google Panda in 2012

How To Recover from Google Panda in 2012 | Google Penalty World |

From the article: This is a guide on how to find and fix Google's Panda algorithm update, based on our Panda fighting experience at SEOgadget in 2011.

Key takeaways: 

1) The world is not as it once was.

Crap websites trying to masquerade as decent websites are being hunted down and sunk below the quality line.

2) Google owes you nothing.

Tactics to just barely raise your quality enough to recover your rankings are unlikely to pay dividends. You may well find yourself a loser again the next time the quality bar is raised.

3) Google is judging you.

Google is going to continue to raise the quality bar with future updates. When your competitors improve their websites, you will be weakest and in line for the chop at the next quality update.

Informative. 7/10

Full article: 

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Post Panda World: Your “How-To” Post Will Fail If You Don’t Use These Techniques

Post Panda World: Your “How-To” Post Will Fail If You Don’t Use These Techniques | Google Penalty World |

Gone are the days when you could write a simple “how-to” blog post and rank in the top search results. Why is that? Two very good reasons.


First, all of the general and highly-competitive posts like “how-to blog” or “how-to find a roommate” are already written.


The other reason is Google Panda. Remember Google’s update this past year that took down a lot of the content farms? That algorithm was designed to penalize short and shallow articles and reward high-quality content.


Now, I’ve got good news and bad news for you.

Via Martin Gysler
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