Google Search Plus is a Disaster for Search | Phil Bradley | Google Penalty World |

Excerpted from the article: "How much of an issue is this?

It's a seriously large issue, because it immediately limits what I see to a small subsection of my actual world.

I'm not seeing content from all my contacts, just those that Google chooses to show me.

If you think that there are anti-trust implications in this you would be right.

Only those contacts of mine who are active in Google+ are showing up, and this is one of the reasons why I have been encouraging people to get G+ accounts and to become active in that arena.

I don't like it, but Google is essentially doing its best to force everyone into that service. As long as Google remains the key search engine out there, and as long as we continue to use it, we're going to have to play by their rules.

Now, if this just hurt other social networks, I probably wouldn't have that much of an issue, but it doesn't, it hurts me. This is not a helpful service at all.

Now, you can argue that I'm making a fuss over nothing, since I can simply click on the world icon and see everything back to normal again.

That's true, but we've only got half the story so far.

What happens when I try and use Google without being logged into my account - when it doesn't know who I am, or anything about me?"

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