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Google Panda: Still Very Few Recoveries After Two Years

Google Panda: Still Very Few Recoveries After Two Years | Google Penalty World |

This is the first in a series of articles looking at the aftermath of Google’s Panda algorithm update, which launched February 24, 2011.

Robin Good's insight:

Two years ago today Google Panda hit thousands of web sites bringing them to near oblivion in a matter of hours. After two years most of the sites that were originally hit by this Google penalty are still suffering from it, and there are only a small number of cases where the site has been able to recover fully its pre-Panda traffic levels.

"Two years ago today, Google sent shockwaves through not only the SEO industry, but also through online publishing in general when it launched the Panda algorithm update.

It was originally called the “farmer” update because Google’s prime target was “content farms,” a name used to describe sites that created high-quantities of low-quality content that sometimes ranked highly in Google’s search results.


As you’ll see below, on a list of nearly two dozen of Panda’s original losers, only two websites have returned to the SEO visibility that they had about three weeks post-Panda. The others have all continued to lose search visibility.

Some other Panda-hit websites have recovered, though not all of those recoveries have been permanent. We’ll look at all that later in this article."

Informative. Good real-world cases. 7/10

Full article:

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Google Penguin Worst Than Google Panda for SEOs?

Google Penguin Worst Than Google Panda for SEOs? | Google Penalty World |

Barry Schwartz reports on SearchEngineRoundtable: "About a month ago, we polled our readers asking how they were impacted by the Google Penguin update.

We have well over a 1,000 responses and I wanted to share them with you. Keep in mind, those who were negatively impacted are probably more likely to take the poll.

That being said, 65% said they were negatively impacted by Penguin, while only 13% said they were positively impacted.

This is way more than the Panda update where only 40% said they were negatively impacted by the Panda update."

Full article: 

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Backlinks Are Not The Culprit: How Google Penguin Really Works

"Penguin has now been reverse engineered. The results are shared including what is likely wrong and what you can do to fix it.

This is totally different than what most of the SEO world is telling you to do these days."


Josh Bachynski reports in this video that the biggest surprise for most people will be the fact that Penguin has NOTHING to do with your backlinks, as it only targets on-page factors.

Key take-aways from the video:

1) You need to fix on-page issues as the top priority

2) Penguin-based negative SEO is not possible

3) No need to delete links - Google is already taking care of that by devaluing those

4) Add quality links to your key content in ways that make them look "natural" to Google (30% exact match query, 30% partial match, 30% url-based, 10% generic/other stuff)

5) Do not overoptimize - Google knows what your page is about - don't overdo it with keywords. Check with Google Webmaster Tools and see what Google thinks your page is about.

6) Try always to look and be as "natural" as you can be. 

Must see. 9/10

Watch the video for a complete explanation: 

(Thanks to Nicoleta Leon for pointing me to this) 

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SEO: What To Do Before The New Google Over-Optimization Penalty Hits - SEOMoz

SEO: What To Do Before The New Google Over-Optimization Penalty Hits - SEOMoz | Google Penalty World |

From the article intro: "Having overly optimized web pages could soon get your websites in some hot water with Google and their search results. It has recently been announced that Google will start to penalize websites that engage in over-optimization practices.

In this week's Whiteboard Friday, we will be covering some changes that you should be making to your SEO practices in order to avoid this type of penalization.


This week we've been hearing a lot of chatter in the SEO blogosphere and on Twitter and on the forums about this new potential Google penalty that's coming down the line around over-optimization.


But before this penalty hits, for goodness sake, SEO folks, let's make these changes to our websites because we could be in real trouble if we don't impact these things beforehand.

I think these are some of the most likely candidates to be hit by Google's over-optimization penalty, some of the most likely patterns they're going to try and match against in this upcoming change. So let's talk through them."

Must watch: 8/10

Full video and transcription: 

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