It's Your Links You Need To Check: Google Penguin Targets Five Specific Bad Link Types | Google Penalty World |

Robin Good: If you are looking for key answers about which triggers have unleashed the new Google Penguin on your site, here is much very good food for thought.

From the original article: "One common factor thus far appears to be the signals of links that are pointing to your website, early analysis indicates."

If you want to understand better what type of links are the cause of this new penalization, check whether you have at least one of these types of links pointing to your penalized web site:

  1. Paid text links using exact match anchor text
  2. Comment spam
  3. Guest posts on questionable sites
  4. Article marketing sites
  5. Links from dangerous sites

If you are not too familiar with these links categories and want to find out more about each one and why it has become a problem, please read this article in full: