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Robin Good: If you are wondering how your web site can be easily penalized by Google, here is a great review of the most popular and frequent types of penalizations.

Sujan Patel, co-founder of Single Grain, a SEO agency based in San Francisco, has put together this useful annotated list of search engine penalities which brings together both the recent new algorithm updates Google has introduced as well as classical troublemakers.

From the original article: "Have you seen a recent drop in your website’s traffic levels? Perhaps you’ve received a notification of unnatural SEO practices in your Google Webmaster Tools account?

Unfortunately, SEO penalties can happen to any website, at any time. While it is possible to repair the damage incurred by these negative effects, it’s ultimately much more effective to take a proactive stance on penalty prevention by avoiding the following known penalty causes:..."

"...keep in mind that things change all the time in the SEO world – so this list shouldn’t be construed as the “end all, be all” of penalties your site might experience in 2012."

Useful reminder. 7/10

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