How To Identify Poor Quality Content Signals In Your Site: The Road to Panda Recovery | Google Penalty World |

Robin Good: Nonetheless Google has declared a full-blown war on "thin" and "shallow" content, since just about one year now, you like me, may be still confused about what constitutes that low-quality type of content that Google does not like.

Brian Ussery has recently published a good guide focusing specifically on this very aspect: Understanding exactly which could be the low-quality content signals that your web site or blog may still be sending out.

Key sections covered in this guide include:

  • Content Authority
  • Types of Authority
  • Site Credibility
  • Types of Credibility
  • Content Purpose
  • Content Scope
  • Content Reliability
  • Content Relevancy
  • Content Recency
  • Content Format
  • Content Arrangement
  • Content Treatment

Highly recommended. 8/10

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