Google Penguin Update and What Bing Suggests To Do: Diversify Out of Search | Google Penalty World |

From the original article by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land: "Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Bing, wrote a blog post on the Bing Search blog named Penguins & Pandas Poetry.

The post is about Google’s latest Penguin update and how SEOs and webmasters need to be better prepared for such updates.

The basic advice is simple, SEOs and webmasters need to do one thing – diversify.

Duane is not just saying, focus on Bing and make sure your site does well there too.

Yes, if you lose all your Google traffic, ranking well in Bing is nice but since Bing only has about 30% marketshare, you are still missing out on a lot of traffic."

Interesting. 6/10

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