How To Disable Incoming Bad Links: Google May Soon Ignore The Links You Tell It To | Google Penalty World |

Robin Good: At SMX Advanced this week, Matt Cutts mentioned that Google is considering offering a tool that would let webmasters disavow certain links.

Here's what he said as reported by WebProNews:

"The story of this year has been more transparency, but we’re also trying to be better about enforcing our quality guidelines.

People have asked questions about negative SEO for a long time.

Our guidelines used to say it’s nearly impossible to do that, but there have been cases where that’s happened, so we changed the wording on that part of our guidelines.

Some have suggested that Google could disavow links.

Even though we put in a lot of protection against negative SEO, there’s been so much talk about that that we’re talking about being able to enable that, maybe in a month or two or three."


Once Google launches this tool, assuming that it actually does, it will be very interesting to see how the rankings shake out.

It should be an indication of just how important links actually are these days.

As you may know, Google has sent out a ton of Webmaster Tools warnings this year, and such a tool would help users take quick “manual action” on links rather than spend a ton of time sending link removal requests to other sites."

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